Abamela Business PLC, as a total solutions provider, offers an array of consulting services in development science and management. It offers every level of help to make the consultation a gain rather than an expense for its Clients. Some of our services include:

Socio-Economic Surveys and Research.

Development of Evaluative/Investigative Reports;

Organizational and Human Resource Development

  Business Development - Market Studies, Opportunity Studies, Feasibility Studies, Strategic Plans, Business Plans, Investors Presentations;


Abamela Business PLC envisages serving the following industries/sectors.

Non-governmental Organizations

Professional Associations

Public Sector Organizations

Health Care




Real Estate

Micro and Small Enterprises


Abamela Business PLC, as Development Consultant, offers comprehensive multi-disciplinary consultancy services to its Clients. Rendering such services requires an integrated expertise approach. To complement the limitation regarding the core professional staff, Abamela Business PLC has established a close working relationship with qualified individual specialists from various universities, industries, and other institutions as well as with a number of national consultancy firms, and has already formed a pool of experienced professionals to draw from as required. Such a set up enables Abamela Business PLC to render the array of consulting services indicated above.


Abamela Consulting is an evolving business concept that facilitates the delivery of effective and efficient services.

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