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Abamela Business PLC, is a consulting company established in April 2006. The company has proven its capability by executing the following major consulting assignment as they were required by the Client’s:

Experience with NGO’s and civic society


The conduct of End Term Evaluation as Part of the “Repositioning of Family Planning/Reproductive Health Services through Strengthening


Health Extension Program” in North and South Wollo Zones of Amhara Region. Client: Ethiopian Public Health Association ----- Ongoing task


Evaluation of OSSA EED HIV/AIDS intervention in Jimma and Nekemte branch offices. Client: Organization for Social Services for AIDS


(OSSA) – February 2010


Resource Mobilization Training. Client:: International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC-Ethiopia) --- Nov 2009


Baseline Survey for “Improving the Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) of the Pastoralist Communities of Bale Lowland Project. Client:


Health Limited --- December 2009


Resource Mobilization Training for EOC DICAC HIV/AIDS Department. Client: International Orthodox Christian Charities --- November 2009


HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Program Baseline Survey at Welaita, Arba Minch, Sidama and South West Shoa Branch Catchments’


Areas. Client: Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS) --- June 2008


Baseline survey of


- Socio-cultural situation and bylaws
- market feasibility and livelihood
- joint resource use planning/mapping, and
- conflict mapping
in Gambella, Benishangul-Gumuz, Tigray, Somalia, Oromiya, Afar and Amhara Regional States, Client: ZOA Refugee Care Ethiopia Dec 2008


Production of a Guideline for Community Based OVC Care and support and Conducting Baseline Survey for HV/AIDS Prevention and


Care Project in North Wollo Zone. Client: Professional Alliance for Development in Ethiopia (PADET) --- October 2008


Conducting HIV/AIDS KAPB and IEC Survey in Shinile, Elidar and Togwaajale Woredas. Client: HANDICAP International --- May 2007


Complementary Baseline Survey for Health Improvement and Women Owned Transformation (HIWOT) Project in Four Woredas of


Oromiya (Fentale, Haromaya, Tullo, and Moyale), Client: CARE Ethiopia --- April 2007


Developing a Standard Care and Support Guideline for OVCs and Simplify the National Plan of Action for the Grass Root Consumption.


Client: Professional Alliance for Development in Ethiopia (PADET) --- February 2007


KAPB Survey on HIV and AIDS and Related Issues at Borena, West Harerghe and East Showa Zones. Client: GOAL-Ethiopia --- March




Organizational Restructuring and Development of Operational Manuals. Client: Cheshire Service Ethiopia 2006 --- March 2007


Mid-term Evaluation Study on the capacity building program of the American Center for International Labor Solidarity to the Confederation


of Ethiopian Trade Union, Client: CETU (Department of Women's Affair) --- November 2006

Experience with Private Companies


Final Evaluation of Bethzatha “Know Yourself” VCT Project at Awassa and Adama towns --- May 2007


Market Assessment Report on Electromechanical Equipments and Appliances. Client: FORTSCHRITT Electro Mechanical Service Plc ---


May 2007


Evaluation on Offers for Passenger Elevators for Residential and Office buildings. Client: KK Private Limited Company --- July 2006


Marketing Audit and Definition of Target Market. Client: Oasis Real Estate Developers PLC. --- August 2006


Project Brief for Cement Plant. Client: Kara Kore Real Estate PLC. --- August 2006


Feasibility Study for Printing Press Project in Addis Ababa. Client: ALVIOL General Trading PLC ... December 2010



Abamela Consulting is an evolving business concept that facilitates the delivery of effective and efficient services.

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