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Abamela Business PLC, is a development oriented consulting firm, established in April, 2006 by two professionals with extensive experience in research and consultancy in multi-sectoral development activities. The founders served both public and private organizations at various responsible positions for over two decades.



Abamela Business PLC, as Development Consultant, is a total solutions provider dedicated to the success of your organizational objectives. Our primary vision is, therefore, to make your vision happen! And to be recognized as one of the best and most reputed development consultant in East Africa.



Abamela Business PLC, as Development Consultant, works in partnership with its Clients to nurture and support the spirit of innovation, trust and interdependence that enable organizations to create meaningful and abundant results for their owners, employees, customers, and the communities they serve. We are dedicated to advancing sustainable prosperity to our Clients through our professional consulting services – provision of accurate assessments, development of appropriate and customized solutions, and management of implementations of solutions for all aspects of development problems.



Our goal is to provide sound development solutions to make your vision a reality. Our goal with every Client is to add value – value that lasts and increases with time.



The following values represent our corporate and industrial behaviors and define how we treat our Clients, suppliers and the community.

  We treat all individuals with fairness, dignity and respect;

  We are open and honest, and demonstrate integrity in everything we do;

  We work to know our Clients and treat them as partners;

  We make and keep our commitments – get the job done;

  We are flexible, innovative, practical and proactive;

  We work with our Clients to find potent solutions that will have a big impact;

  We measure and monitor our performance to established targets;

  We are socially and environmentally responsible in our business operations.


Abamela Consulting is an evolving business concept that facilitates the delivery of effective and efficient services.

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Address: Haile G. Selassie Street, WAF Building, 5 th Floor, Room No.503
P.O.Box: 55190 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Telephone:  (+251) 116 182431
Fax:  (+251) 116 182434
Email: info@abamelaconsulting.org